Consumer Disputes

What is a consumer dispute?

It can be almost anything involving the sale or purchase of goods or services. Generally there is some failure on the part of the seller or merchant to meet the expectations of or promises to the purchaser.

Specific consumer disputes may involve the following:

  • purchase of food not adequately prepared;
  • warranty coverage on particular goods;
  • misrepresenation by salesperson concerning a product or service.

To give you an idea of the process, take for example a failed repair to a vehicle. The dispute arises after some failed or negligent repair to your vehicle, and the owner or supervisor fails to properly address it. Often, the shop will choose to take no responsibility leaving the consumer with little option but to address the issue in another way. This may involve obtaining legal services of an attorney who can notify the shop of the issue by a demand letter, get in contact with an insurance adjustor if insurance covers the loss, filing suit if necessary, and trying the case if not settled.

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