Wrongful Termination

Assessing for a claim of wrongful termination involves what happened leading up to the termination, and what different treatment you received compared to other employees.

Generally at some point, the employer decides to terminate an employee. Once that decision is made, the employer takes steps towards that end result. When a termination occurs, the employer might state reasons for the termination. Typically, those are the offered reasons. What the truth is for those offered reasons and what motivated the employer may not match up. And what happens very often, is that the employer does not give reasons for the firing, or gives vague reasons, or, in some instances, just lies. Usually what occurs is that a decision is made well before the termination, and then documentation is built against an employee to “support” the termination. The assessment for wrongful termination seeks to find what the actual reason (or reasons) was that motivated the decision to terminate.

If the termination was motivated by a protected class, a claim may exist. Protected classes can include race, age, color, national origin, FMLA use, disability, sex, and sexual harassment.

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